a space for spontaneous expression and interdisciplinary improvisation
no schedule, no explanation, just interaction, re-interpretation, uncertainty is welcome
Imagen de CUE

What is CUE?

CUE is a space for spontaneous expression and interdisciplinary improvisation.

CUE was born out of a specific need: the need for places where it is possible to experiment new ways of expression and behavior within a performative context. There the potential actions have not necessarily to be artistic practices, because any possible mean of expression is warmly welcomed.

The aim of CUE is neither providing some sort of result, nor to create some specific product, but to generate the conditions where the participants can live and enjoy their time in a collective game of simultaneous actions, where what is sought is nothing else than a new, spontaneous and permanently unstable kind of communication. Keeping in mind that there are no previously defined rules of the game, interaction has to be the key of the communication process, and participants have to allow themselves creating new relationships between each other.

In CUE the artistic thing does not have priority and has no sense to judge the value orartistic quality of the actions of the different participants, but to provide one playful, recomforting experience.

CUE does not also try to create a few conditions where rules of game do not exist but rather to suspend the rules in order that every participant become a person in charge of determining the conditions of the game, taking decisions thatdeal with the generated situations and with other participants and respecting the equipment and the possible limitations that the space imposes.

Principles as autonomy and tolerance can be helpful in finding answers to the following questions: How can people stay together in a context where there are neither rules nor a director, and the individuals are guided solely by their self-enjoyment principle? How can the participants’ actions not exclude one another? What happens if two different individual enjoyments interfere or collide between each other? How are interferences to be understood? What happens if one or more participants end up disagreeing with the decisions/actions taken by other participants for some reason?

In such a way, participants of all kinds of disciplines (dance, music, theatre, videoart, scenography, cookery, etc...) face each other within a multiple and simultaneous creation process. It is a space where all the different disciplines are put into dialogue while being produced in a spontaneous way. This specific simultaneous participation forces every participant to interact with the space and with the other creators, making all the outcomes to melt into the unpredictable situation that is CUE. CUE is everything that happens in the space within the whole duration of the event.

Thus CUE, constantly looking for its own meaning, happens to be a problem itself , a challenge, a laboratory for a new social organization, based on the values of autonomy and tolerance: acceptance of others as well as ability of setting them aside.

CUE happened for the first time in March 2007 in the Weissenseer Freitag Gallery of Berlin. Since May 2008 CUE has been taking place simultaneously both in Berlin and Madrid, making use of video-conference devices in order to show what is happening in both locations. The project aims to gradually connect as many cities as possible.